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Recorded live at the Blue Saloon in North Hollywood, California on October 31, 1998.


Writers: Eddie Star - Kelly Charles

Verse #1

Civilization dies it’s all done.
No more ideas nothing has won.
Corporate control your thoughts are gone.
Why don’t they realize what’s going on.
A generation of mindless clones.
No revolutions to call their own.

Wake up, Wake up
Wake up, Wake up

It’s the blind leading the blind.


Welcome to generation zero. (Repeat four times)

Verse #2

Follow every fad and trend.
No ideals left to defend.
Close your eyes to reality.
The media creates your fantasy.
Exploit old ideas from the past.
The meanings gone nothing moves fast.

Repeat chorus

Guitar solo

Verse #3

Sit and swallow all their lies.
Church and state try to disguise.
Special interest has their hold.
Take the money they have control.
The silent majority sits and waits.
To be told what to hate.


© 2013 Ton-Up, Inc.


from Live From Hollywood, released October 8, 2013
Eddie Star & The Zero Effect are:

Eddie Star - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Kelly Charles - Lead Guitars
Vince D'Alessandro - Bass
Don McCurdy - Drums


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EDDIE STAR New York, New York

Eddie Star is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who is best known for his work with the 90’s Rock/Punk band, Eddie Star & The Zero Effect.

In 2013, Star debuted his new band, JoyBox, at artist William Quigley’s New York Art Gala, “The Pleasurist.”

JoyBox’s long-anticipated debut album titled “Informal Deviance” will be released August 28, 2015 through Ton-Up.
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